Pandemic turnout down 44% at university entrance exams

Turnout for Brazil’s standardised university admission exam on Sunday 21 November appeared to be the lowest in 15 years, in large part reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nation’s education, according to experts, writes Marcelo Silva de Sousa for Associated Press.

Just over three million students signed up to take the annual exam, down 44% from last year’s registration and the lowest since 2006. The gruelling five-and-a-half-hour test, held over two weekends, is the main admission standard for Brazilian universities.

Experts said they expected many of those who registered early this year to be absent on Sunday. About half of the 5.7 million who signed up for last year’s tests also failed to show up when they were finally held amid the pandemic. Extensive school closures and frustration with online teaching have affected millions of students across the country.
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