One country, eight different sets of rules

New South Wales has joined South Australia in dropping the requirement that fully vaccinated overseas students must quarantine on arrival, but elsewhere across the country a perplexing picture of opening dates and conditions is confusing incoming students, writes Julie Hare for the Australian Financial Review.

On Friday 12 November, the New South Wales government announced that it would not require international students to quarantine if they were fully vaccinated, aligning the rules with obligations for returning Australians. The first flight with 250 students from countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, China and Canada will arrive on 6 December, with a second flight scheduled to bring in students from India and South Asia.

South Australia was the first state to have its return plan approved by the federal government and the first to drop quarantine requirements for vaccinated students, but by Sunday 14 November, still had no firm date as to when the first flight would arrive. Queensland’s plan, which is yet to be approved by the federal government, will require arriving students to quarantine for two weeks at its bespoke quarantine facility in Toowoomba. Meanwhile, Victoria’s requirements just became more ambiguous.
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