Universities prepare guidelines for cooperation with China

Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture in cooperation with Finnish universities and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are, according to Yle, preparing guidelines for the university and science community due to the risks and threats regarding espionage involved in university and research collaboration with Chinese partners, writes Gregers Møller for ScandAsia.

China is world-leading in several scientific disciplines and for universities wanting to stay at the cutting edge, collaboration with Chinese partners is important. At the same time, the European Union has several projects underway to ensure safer cooperation with China, and the first EU-wide recommendations are set to be published soon.

According to the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, the level of risk related to China has increased in the Nordic country as well, and Finland’s guidelines are expected to be published in December. Mari-Anna Suurmunne, a senior specialist in education and science at Finland’s Embassy in Beijing, told Yle that the guidelines aim to raise awareness of the potential challenges related to cooperation with China.
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