Universities call for curb on international student numbers

According to preliminary figures from the Dutch universities’ association VSNU, the number of international students coming to the Netherlands rose by 4% at the start of the current academic year, and three in 10 of this year’s new student intake come from abroad, reports

There are now almost 80,000 foreign students attending Dutch university courses, of whom three quarters are from within the European Union. International students now account for 23% of the total student body.

The growth in numbers of international students is so great that the University of Amsterdam (UvA) can no longer cope, the Parool reported on Thursday 4 November. “We can no longer deal with the growth,” UvA board chairperson Geert ten Dam told the paper. Ten Dam wants the government to take action to better manage the influx of international students, most of whom are entitled to study here under EU freedom of movement rules. But the issue has been declared ‘controversial’ and will not be looked at until there is a new government.
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