‘New’ universities to open in centrist party strongholds

Brazil’s Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro wants to divide existing federal higher education institutions to create five new universities and five technical institutes. The initiative does not foresee the expansion of student places or the physical network, but it serves the interests of allied politicians linked to the centre, reports Folha de S Paolo.

The idea will mean the creation of 2,912 positions to command the new institutions that, in practice, are already functioning. According to estimates by the Ministry of the Economy, the swelling of the public machine will come with an increase in spending that could reach BRL500 million (US$89 million) per year.

According to reports, economic technicians question the Ministry of Education (MEC) for the lack of social interest in creating positions, with no expansion of places for students in the new institutions. According to the MEC, the cost would be BRL147 million in the year. However, there is no forecast for this expenditure in the 2022 budget proposal.
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