Medical schools start final phase of curriculum reform

Algeria’s medical schools start this academic year with a new education system to be applied for the first time for years four through six of a seven-year curriculum. The reform’s first phase, covering the first three years of medical school, started in 2018. The seventh year consists of intensive training in hospitals, writes Amr EL-Tohamy for Al-Fanar Media.

Abdelbaki Benziane, the minister of higher education and scientific research, said in a press statement that these measures are part of efforts to modernise medical education in Algeria and improve training in the medical sciences that future doctors will need to meet current challenges.

Only students of the 2018 cohort, who were included in the first phase of updates, are subject to the new system in years four through six. Previously enrolled students will continue their studies according to the old system. There are about 12 faculties of medicine in Algeria that annually graduate a total of 1,500 to 2,000 students, according to the National Syndicate of Doctors.
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