Indian students flock back to universities as visas fast-tracked

Sahil Kumar (name changed on request) landed in New York from Delhi last week to join a masters programme in computer science at a university in New York City. He had planned to join the course in the fall of 2020 but had to defer by a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions both in India and the United States, writes Ishani Duttagupta for TNN.

“When the US embassy in Delhi started giving student visa appointments in June, initially it was quite chaotic; but later things got streamlined and most of the students who applied were granted visas. Travel logistics, too, were difficult with very few airlines operating direct flights. But finally, everything worked out smoothly,” says Kumar who is now all set to start classes on campus soon.

The United States mission in Delhi, in fact, had a surprise announcement last week of more student visa applications having been approved in India in 2021 than ever before, through its embassy and consulates, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. This announcement of more than 55,000 students and exchange visitors visas already issued to students in India even as more were getting approved every day, comes amid reports of students in many other countries facing difficulties and delays in getting US visas approved for the fall term of 2021.
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