Universities struggle with COVID-19 testing mandates

Major universities in Western Canada are still tinkering with the mechanics of their coronavirus vaccination and testing requirements for students, faculty and staff, even though classes resume this week and infections are climbing across the continent, writes Carrie Tait for The Globe and Mail.

The University of British Columbia, for example, said it will require COVID-19 tests for students, faculty and staff who are not vaccinated, but the school has not said when the screening programme will start or how it will work. At the University of Saskatchewan, those who are unvaccinated or prefer not to disclose their status will have to submit two negative COVID-19 rapid tests weekly, starting 13 September. However, the school has not yet released details about how the tests will be administered.

Faculty members across Western Canada pressured post-secondary institutions to limit access to their campuses to only those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 or test negative for the virus. But while major universities have announced such plans, unanswered questions remain, particularly around compliance and consequences.
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