Social anxiety disorder affects many medical students in Sudan, study finds

A new study has found that social anxiety disorder, a psychological condition characterised by significant anxiety about social interactions, is prevalent among medical students in Sudan, writes Amr EL-Tohamy for Al-Fanar Media

Symptoms of the disorder, also known as social phobia, include shyness, stress and a tendency to stay silent and to avoid dealing with others, the study’s authors say, and it can affect students’ grades and, in extreme cases, lead to significant psychological and behavioural problems.

Many people may experience some degree of social anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, but the problem may be particularly prevalent among Sudan’s doctors in training because of unique pressures they have had to cope with in recent years, including disruptions at universities caused by political unrest, climate emergencies and a confusing series of changes in the medical education system itself, the study’s authors and medical educators say.
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