Parents, universities are cheats – Admissions registrar

Nigerian parents and universities have been described as cheats by the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) Registrar Is-haq Oloyede, reports the News Agency of Nigeria.

Oloyede stated this when the Senate Committee on Basic and Secondary Education members visited the board’s headquarters on 12 July. The JAMB registrar told the committee: “Our challenge remains examination malpractice, especially with regards to parents who keep calling me to favour their wards or children whether they meet the requirements of the system or not.”

According to him, apart from dealing with the undisciplined parents, he also has to battle corruption in higher education institutions. He explained: “There’s also indiscipline from the tertiary institutions who admit against the federal government’s policy guidelines as mandated by the Ministry of Education. At the end of the day, after admitting outside these policies, they put pressure on students at the final moments towards graduation to come back to us for what they call regularisation … We also have [the] same challenge from some private sectors and dubious computer-based test centres too, and we are really putting efforts to curb this.”
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