Top universities defy predictions of drop in overseas students

Chinese students are signing up to the top two universities in New South Wales, Australia, in increasing numbers despite border closures, with the University of Sydney defying dire predictions by growing overseas enrolments and attracting a boom in donations from philanthropists, writes Jordan Baker for The Sydney Morning Herald.

However, second-tier institutions and those dependent on the Indian and Nepalese student markets have lost overseas enrolments, leading to an overall drop of 7% last year. As universities cut costs, 7% of academic and general staff lost their jobs.

Last April, the University of Sydney predicted a 17% drop in overseas students and a AU$470 million (US$357 million) loss in 2020. But instead, its international revenue grew last year, and it posted an AU$100 million profit. Overseas student numbers grew again this year by 32.3%. International enrolments at the University of New South Wales or UNSW – which, like Sydney, is among the top 100 universities in the world – also grew by 39.2% this year on the strength of Chinese demand, although a spokeswoman said the sharp rise came off a significant fall in 2020.
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