Backlash expected in wake of college vaccine mandates

After a year of ‘Zoom University’, colleges and universities are looking at the COVID-19 vaccine as the key to normalcy in the autumn. But as with all things COVID in the United States, it’s unlikely they will get there without some fights, writes Lauren Aratani for The Guardian.

Over 400 institutions have announced vaccine mandates for the fall semester, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, with some institutions telling students they will not be able to return to campus without the vaccination.

From a public health perspective, vaccine mandates, especially on college campuses where students are often in close contact with each other, make sense. However, from a legal perspective, the mandates are still in a grey area since the vaccine has only received emergency use authorisation from the Food and Drug Administration. Pfizer submitted its application for full approval of its vaccine in early May, though the approval process is expected to take months.
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