Groups slam bid for ‘flexible learning’ as new norm

The Philippines Commission on Higher Education (CHED) drew criticism from youth groups for its adoption of a policy implementing a flexible learning setup as the new normal in the higher education system, writes Jhon Aldrin Casinas for the Manila Bulletin.

National Union of Students of the Philippines National President Jandeil Roperos said such a policy “will exacerbate the effects on students financially, mentally and emotionally, and jeopardise the quality education that is their right … If we look at it another way, flexible learning has also paved the way for corporations to capitalise on the inaccessibility of needed technology – thus putting a financial burden on parents and students – which is harder given the rampant lay-offs and rising prices of goods and services.”

In a webinar last week, CHED Chairman J Prospero De Vera III said: “From now on, flexible learning will be the norm. There is no going back to the traditional, full-packed face-to-face classrooms.”
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