University football club launches student chaperone service

Cardiff University Football Club has been praised for launching a chaperone service to help female students walk home safely at night after rumours of a “national rape day” circulated on social media, reports Wales Online.

The sickening online trending topic saw 24 April labelled as a day where sexual assault would be legalised for 24 hours, with one post claiming that university students in Cardiff had created group chats with “hundreds of girls in them to be targeted”. While the so-called event was widely disproved as a hoax, police and universities issued warnings – with Cardiff University saying that they were “taking these matters seriously”. However, determined to do more to protect female students walking around Cathays at night, Cardiff University Football Club president and first team captain Ben Marett (22) decided to offer a chaperone service to anyone walking through the area on Saturday night.

Together with 20 of his teammates, the second-year business and human resource management student operated a messaging service from 9pm until 5am on Sunday morning, with women requesting a chaperone to accompany them on their walk home.
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