Universities urged to take lead in global science

China will encourage its universities to take the international lead in science and technology tie-ups and help the country gain a ‘winning’ innovation edge for the next two or three decades, writes Matt Ho for the South China Morning Post.

In a document released last weekend, the Ministry of Education also said it would guide colleges to commercialise the fruits of their research. The announcement comes amid China’s drive to become more self-reliant in critical technologies.

To reach that goal, Beijing aims – as part of its five-year plan until 2025 – to improve the country’s lacklustre performance in converting its growing R&D output into actual commercial innovations. At the same time, China aims to become a major global science and innovation centre, in part by taking an active role in international science and technological cooperation, as underscored by a recent reprint in top state media of President Xi Jinping’s 2018 policy speech.
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