Lawmaker moots compulsory marriage education course

The hashtag for a proposal to establish a compulsory relationship and marriage education course in universities has topped the trending list on Chinese social media on Monday 8 March, with netizens putting posts covering both the pros and cons of such a move, writes By Chen Xi for Global Times.

The proposal was made by Yu Xinwei, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. She proposed compiling a textbook of actual cases involving dating, marriage, family relationships and parent-child relationships that would be used in a compulsory course. “Chinese college students lack emotion education. They are prone to excessive mental ups and downs and may even carry out extreme behaviour when suffering setbacks in a relationship,” said Yu.

The number of cases of college students committing suicide due to relationship problems has been increasing in recent years. A survey on the mental health of college students shows that relationships are an important factor that affects their mental health, according to a report from China Education Daily.
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