Board mulls anti-cheating platform for universities

Estonia’s Education and Youth Board (Harno) is planning to test an exam monitoring platform called Proctorio and is currently gathering data on the needs of universities which have stated a desire to implement the platform to do away with cheating during exams, reports ERR.

Indrek Reimand, head of the Education and Youth Board’s technological management department, told ERR that the board is currently mediating the Examination Information System (EIS), study platform Moodle and study material platform E-koolikott. Those are supplemented by plagiarism prevention system Urkund and lecture capturing system Echo360.

Harno is now however planning on giving universities an option to use an application named Proctorio. “This is a solution developed in the United States that is making its way in Europe. The solution allows for out-of-classroom exam monitoring, if the student has given their permissions,” Reimand explained.
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