Colleges told to stagger winter breaks

Chinese universities have staggered their winter vacation times to prevent concentrated mass movement of students travelling home for Spring Festival, write Zou Shuo, Zhang Xiaomin and Liu Kun for China Daily Global.

The Ministry of Education had asked local education authorities and universities to adjust winter vacation schedules to make sure students at different universities leave campus in different time slots. Local education authorities should also make sure universities stagger the opening dates for the spring semester and make sure they do not coincide with the Spring Festival travel rush for migrant workers, the ministry said.

Zhou Jiaxin, a graduate student at Communication University of China in Beijing, said the university had an early start to its winter vacation last Friday, and all students must leave the campus by this Friday. Students at the university will have a two-month winter vacation this year, longer than the approximately 40 days in previous years, she said. Spring semester will start on 28 February.
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