Authorities on alert as college hopefuls move around

The state-run College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) taken by more than 490,000 high school seniors and other applicants was held in South Korea on 3 December amid concerns over COVID-19, but health authorities are still on high alert as college hopefuls now have to do essays, interviews, performance tests and other assignments conducted by universities, writes Jun Ji-hye for The Korea Times.

According to the Ministry of Education, universities across the country are planning to hold more than 600,000 of their own tests until 22 December, and some 400,000 students are expected to take these tests. Sungkyunkwan University and Sogang University in Seoul already began their own essay tests on 5 December.

Given that most of the major universities in Korea are centred in Seoul, it is inevitable for students living in other parts of the country and their parents to move around the nation. “Students nationwide are moving around to take universities’ interviews and essay tests after the CSAT,” said Lim Sook-young, a senior official from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. “Some universities are expected to be crowded with many applicants, thus extra caution is required.”
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