Many international students choose not to return to class

As Australian universities and the federal government desperately campaign to get international students to resume courses in 2021, many have already decided they will not return, writes Mia Castagnone for the Brisbane Times.

Katherine Qi, who is studying at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), was forced to spend 2020 in Fujian, China, because of coronavirus restrictions. However, she feels the quality of education suffered considerably during the year and with no support from universities, she is reluctant to return in 2021 even if border restrictions are eased.

UNSW Chinese Student Association President Evan Li said the lack of certainty over teaching methods and border restrictions had tested the patience of most international students. “Many students do not expect to make it back next term,” he said. Students feel they have lost a “sense of community” when studying online and the “quality of education has greatly taken a toll”, Li said.
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