Darwin’s notes reported stolen from Cambridge University

Two Charles Darwin manuscripts have been reported as stolen from the University of Cambridge library two decades after they were last seen, reports PA Media.

Staff believed the precious items had been ‘mis-shelved’ within the vast archives late in 2000 and the matter was not reported to Cambridgeshire police until 20 October this year. The force said it has launched an investigation and notified Interpol. It is difficult to estimate the value of the notebooks, given their unique nature, but it would probably run into many millions of pounds, the library said.

The two notebooks, including Darwin’s seminal 1837 Tree of Life sketch, were removed from storage to be photographed at the library’s photographic unit, where the work was recorded as completed in November 2000. During a subsequent routine check in January 2001 it was found that the small blue box containing the notebooks had not been returned to its proper place.
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