Concerns over cigarette-shaped bread in universities

A pork floss bread shaped as a cigarette recently became popular in Chinese universities for its novel appearance, but attracted controversy for possibly misleading young people into casual smoking as the country makes every effort to control tobacco usage for health reasons, reports Global Times.

The cream-based bread, shaped into a cylinder, had one end adorned with pork flossing to look just like tobacco in a cigarette. It was also wrapped in a cigarette paper-like film with a Chinese sentence on it saying lai gen hua zi, meaning “come and smoke a Chunghwa cigarette”.

Lai gen hua zi comes from a trend on China’s largest short-video platform, Douyin, started by a vlogger who plays a miserly and pretentious “layabout” in his videos. His character always offers another person a cigarette by saying “lai gen hua zi” but he never shares one.
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