University in northeast dismisses over 50 PhD students

Northeastern University in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province said it will dismiss 52 PhD students who failed to finish their studies within the permitted study period. One of them has been studying for their PhD for 18 years and another two for 17 years, according to an announcement released by the university’s College of Information Science and Engineering, writes Chen Shasha for Global Times.

The students were enrolled by the college from 2002 to 2012, a list on the college’s official website showed. About 78% of them have been studying for their PhD at the college for over a decade. The study period for doctoral students in the university is three years, however, and the maximum length of schooling is six years with suspensions included, according to the management rules of the university.

Chinese universities have been seen clearing those postgraduate or PhD students who fail to graduate at the correct time in recent years. Xidian University in Xi’an of Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, for example, dismissed 33 PhD students in August, some of whom had been studying for 15 years.
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