Schools, universities react to COVID-19 case surge

Mask-wearing is obligatory for adults and older pupils in schools that started last Wednesday in several more Swiss cantons, in reaction to the second wave of coronavirus cases, while the University of Bern has already moved to expand distance learning, reports SwissInfo.ch.

Canton Schwyz, which has been particularly hard hit by the latest rise in cases – an apparent super-spreader event at a yodelling concert has put its main hospital under severe pressure – has extended mask-wearing in schools.

Higher education is also affected. The University of Bern has decided to limit in-person, on-site courses to those with a highly interactive component, like seminars, tutorials and lab classes, starting last week. Big lectures are going back online, as are events in rooms with more than 120 seats. However, at present it is the only university to take this action.
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