‘Cleansing’ vandals target Hong Kong university’s Lennon Wall

A so-called Lennon Wall at the University of Hong Kong containing notes of support for anti-government protesters was vandalised on Saturday night 26 September by about 30 people who claimed they were “cleansing” the campus, writes Gary Cheung for the South China Morning Post.

The university student union called on peers to join rebuilding efforts, warning of an “escalation of actions” if management did not pursue the case, while a spokeswoman for the institution said it was reviewing security measures.

Videos provided by a student and posted on the Facebook page of the union showed the group, comprising mostly middle-aged people, tearing up posters on University Street, where the student body and wall are located. Some of the posters on the Lennon Wall called for “withdrawing criminal charges against all protesters” and described the mainland Chinese government as “Chi Nazi”, a derogatory term accusing it of human rights violation.
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