Universities to reopen, vice-chancellors to decide on dates

Sri Lanka University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Professor Sampath Amaratunga said on 6 July that all universities could now commence their studies except for first-year students, reports Colombo Page.

Accordingly, the vice-chancellors were assigned to decide on the date of commencement of studies under 11 conditions, the UGC chairman said during a media briefing at the Department of Government Information. Amaratunga said the first condition was that only students of two years, preferably the third- and fourth-year students should be permitted to a faculty at a time.

Amaratunga stressed that the circular issued by the Ministry of Health pertaining to health guidelines for higher education institutions was still in effect. He said a distance of one metre must be maintained at all times and when providing dormitory facilities for resident students, it is compulsory to allocate a single room for a student.
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