Writers condemn ban on gender theory classes

Romanian writers have condemned a new bill banning schools and universities from teaching students that “gender is different from biological sex” and a petition urging Romanian President Klaus Iohannis not to ratify the law was signed by 27,000 people in less than 24 hours, writes Paula Erizanu for The Calvert Journal.

Writers’ association PEN Romania issued a statement after lawmakers passed the amendment on 16 June. It said that the law breached human rights and would make “social groups that are already vulnerable even more vulnerable”, generating “even more discrimination and social exclusion”.

Poet and academic Miruna Vlada said on her social media profile that the bill “encourages people to hate ‘by default’ what we do not know”. Feminist poet Medeea Iancu also commented on her Facebook page, saying that the bill was not a new trend but instead continued “an entire history which has [...] discriminated against women and LGBTQ persons”.
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