Exams a growing headache for universities

After delivering virtual lessons for the entire spring semester due to the COVID-19 outbreak, South Korean universities are agonising over how to hold their final exams – in person or online, writes Kim So-hyun for The Korea Herald.

Many universities and professors prefer having the students physically present on campus for the assessments to prevent cheating. Nearly 100 medical students at Inha University recently confessed to cheating during online exams by sharing answers in person or via phone and messenger services. Suspected cases of group cheating in tests were also found in other universities such as Konkuk, Sogang, Yonsei and Hanyang.

Nevertheless, students generally prefer online exams or reports as cluster infections continue, with some taking action against their universities over the issue. Seoul National University (SNU) has left it to the professors’ discretion, but students are strongly demanding that all exams are conducted online. Student presidents of colleges at SNU held a press conference recently to insist that students’ health rights not be infringed upon with on-campus assessments.
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