Several colleges, universities waive entrance exams

With mass gatherings still barred amid the COVID-19 crisis, several colleges and universities in the Philippines have decided to waive entrance examinations and instead assess students’ admission based on their high school general average, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chair Prospero De Vera said last Thursday, writes Katrina Domingo for ABS-CBN News.

There is no uniform policy on the conduct of entrance examinations during the coronavirus crisis as other higher education institutions are still holding physical or hybrid entrance examinations, De Vera told senators during the Senate’s Committee of the Whole hearing. “It depends on conditions on the ground and availability of transport, but the majority are waiving the admission test for state universities and colleges,” he said.

The CHED chief did not enumerate colleges and universities that have waived entrance examinations. What is certain is that schools cannot implement a mass promotion scheme for students, De Vera said.
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