Universities, colleges to partially reopen this week

Israeli universities and colleges may reopen in a limited format after receiving approval from the Health Ministry, the Council for Higher Education (CHE) said on Sunday 3 May, writes Eytan Halon for The Jerusalem Post.

While remote learning will continue for students in most higher education institutions, the CHE said groups of up to 15 students will be permitted in laboratory classes and hands-on workshops, and to support students requiring critical academic assistance. University and college libraries may also be opened. Students will be informed regarding opening hours and individual courses by their respective institutions.

“Higher education institutions organised themselves in record time to enable all teaching during the second semester via online learning,” said Yaffa Zilbershats, head of the CHE’s planning and budget committee. “At the same time, limited access to campus is necessary for students in order to fulfil all their academic assignments at the end of the semester, including holding examinations.”
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