University hosts ‘parent academy’ to boost student success

It wasn’t a weekend concert or sports event that brought Vilma and David Martinez to the California State University, Los Angeles campus on a recent Saturday morning. Instead, they attended college for a day to learn about ways to encourage their son’s success at a university where only about half of incoming freshmen finish within six years, writes Larry Gordon for the Los Angeles Times.

They and 160 others who showed up for this ‘Parent Academy’ are part of an effort to improve graduation rates, especially among students who are the first in their family to attend college. Parents increasingly are seen as partners with the university in supporting these young adults when they encounter emotional, bureaucratic, financial or academic obstacles.

The Cal State LA Parent Academy, part of the widening parent involvement trend, began about six years ago and is offered three times during the school year on a campus whose students mainly commute from home. The university deliberately schedules the five-hour sessions well into the school year when student crises may occur and simultaneously conducts them in English or Spanish in separate rooms.
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