New exam system to enhance fairness in college admissions

Sixteen major universities in Seoul, South Korea, will select at least 40% of their freshmen based on the results of a state-administered college entrance exam, or Suneung, starting in 2023. In addition, the controversial early admissions that require extracurricular activities in school records and a personal introduction essay will be eliminated in stages, writes Kim Beom-joo for Asia Today.

Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Yoo Eun-hae announced the plan on 28 November in an effort to enhance fairness in college admissions at the government complex in Seoul.

The plan aims to block the influence of external factors, such as powerful parents, and to enhance fairness in college admissions by increasing the rate of ‘Jeongsi’ – the traditional admissions track – based on the nationwide college entrance exam, while reducing the rate of ‘Susi’ – non-standardised admissions track – based on other factors such as school grades and extracurricular activities.
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