Students face growing debt and falling income

The soaring cost of living and the increasing popularity of private academic institutions have left Israeli higher education students with rising debts, the National Union of Israeli Students warned as the 2019-20 academic year got underway, writes Eytan Halon for The Jerusalem Post.

Based on an annual survey of approximately 8,000 students across the country, the union said that the average monthly expenditure per student stands at about ILS5,477 (US$1,600). Meanwhile, average monthly earnings for working students stood at ILS4,643 – a 34% decrease since 2018. The survey also found significant differences in earnings between male and female students.

Average monthly expenditure for students across the country increased by 6% since last year. The most significant increase was recorded in monthly spending on food. “Prices are constantly rising and the cost of living continues to be a burden for every young man and woman in this country,” said National Union of Israeli Students chairman Shlomi Yehiav.
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