Turkish university opens facilities in Syrian opposition areas

Enrolment in the Turkish Gaziantep University facilities in the Aleppo countryside are now open to Syrian students since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved the move on 4 October, writes Khaled al-Khateb for Al-Monitor.

Erdogan’s decree includes the Faculty of Business and Economics in Al-Bab, in Aleppo’s northeastern countryside, the Islamic Sciences Faculty in Azaz and the Education Faculty in Afrin, in Aleppo’s northern countryside.

The facilities were officially opened on 9 October. Activist Seba Nker from Idlib told Al-Monitor: “Opening the three faculties of the university in the Aleppo countryside is a positive step. It will be promising for the students’ future and offer them opportunities to pursue their university studies without traveling to Turkey.”
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