Brain gain bid seeks to double international student numbers

The Council for Higher Education has launched a programme that seeks to double the number of international students studying in Israel’s colleges and universities, writes Luke Tress for The Times of Israel.

The ‘Study in Israel’ initiative, officially announced earlier this month, will initially focus on increasing enrolment of students from North America, China and India, the council said in a statement. There are about 12,000 international students currently studying at Israeli institutions, the council said.

The programme pitches what it says are Israel’s high academic standards, start-up environment, research opportunities and low tuition costs. “We have committed to making Israel a brain gain country for excellent students and researchers from around the world – North and South America, Europe and Asia,” said Professor Yaffa Zilbershats of the Council for Higher Education. “We’re looking forward to bringing many more students from around the globe in years to come.”
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