Review recommends simpler HE provider categories

A review into how higher education providers are categorised has recommended a simplified system that aims to benefit students and protect Australia’s international reputation, reports Mirage News.

Minister for Education Dan Tehan recently released the Review of Australia’s Higher Education Provider Category Standards by Emeritus Professor Peter Coaldrake AO. The standards define the different categories of higher education providers in Australia, and the requirements expected of them for registration.

Coaldrake said the report recommended the simplification and rebalancing of the current categories. ‚ÄúThe report seeks to protect the interests of students and Australia‚Äôs international reputation for higher education, as it creates a more streamlined and user-friendly system,‚ÄĚ Coaldrake said. ‚ÄúThe creation of a new category reserved for the highest performing non-university providers will foster innovation and aspiration ‚Ķ This will enable opportunities to build the cachet of all higher education providers across the sector and support their aspirations and growth, especially providers that are not universities,‚ÄĚ he said.
Full report on the Mirage News site