Universities launch degrees geared to e-sports

The University of Staffordshire is one of several universities in the United Kingdom and United States that are launching e-sports degrees, aimed at capitalising on the booming industry’s need for skilled professionals, reports CBS News.

The university last year launched its bachelor and masters e-sports degree programme, in which students mainly learn marketing and management skills tailored to the industry. This autumn, it’s expanding the programme to London, while other universities are also debuting e-sports degree courses, including Britain’s University of Chichester, Virginia’s Shenandoah University, Becker College in Massachusetts and the Ohio State University. In Asia, where e-sports has seen strong growth, universities in Singapore and China offer courses.

Dozens of US colleges have offered university level e-sports competitions for years. But some colleges are taking it a step further by adding courses as the industry’s boom drives demand for professionals who know how to, for example, organise e-sports tournaments. New niche degrees partly highlight the changing economy, but they also reflect the “need to communicate to parents and students that there will be a job waiting for someone once they earn a degree”, which may include hefty tuition fees and student loans to pay for them, said Joni Finney, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Research on Higher Education.
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