Government to inspect integrity of university admissions

South Korea’s Education Ministry says a fact-finding survey will be conducted on 13 universities in the wake of academic impropriety allegations against Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s daughter, reports KBS.

The move was announced last Thursday by Education Minister Yoo Eun-hae, who said universities which have largely enrolled students from specialised or autonomous high schools will be subject to the inspection. They will also look at universities that received students via an admissions process that comprehensively takes into account not only a student’s GPA but also scholastic activities, including awards and certificates acquired.

Yoo said such admissions processes have drawn public criticism over the past 10 years for mainly benefiting students with parents who have economic power and vast connections. She said her ministry will aim to actively revise parts of the current college entrance system that can be affected by a parent’s influence or capabilities.
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