Private school students may attend state universities

A group representing parents of children at private schools last Wednesday welcomed the decision by state universities in Cyprus to accept students who have passed international exams for the first time this year, writes Gina Agapiou for Cyprus Mail.

The University of Cyprus and Cyprus Institute of Technology said earlier this month they would offer places to students who have passed international examinations such as A levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB). “We are very sorry that this year’s regulation is temporary and will not permanently resolve the long-standing injustice to a large number of students,” said the organisation, the Federation of Parents and Guardians of Private Schools.

The debate over allowing students with international qualifications to attend state universities has simmered for years. The universities have declared themselves in favour of admitting students with A levels and IB, but it has met with strong opposition from many politicians and state school teachers.
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