Another tuition fee rise for non-Californian students

The University of California (UC) Regents recently approved a US$762 tuition fee increase for students who live outside of California – the fifth in a row – with an amendment to set aside some of that money for financial aid, writes Alejandra Reys-Velarde for the Los Angeles Times.

The 12-1-6 vote on the 2.6% increase had been tabled since March after students and some regents said they were concerned about how it would affect low- and middle-income non-resident students, as well as students who don’t meet the qualifications to receive in-state financial aid. The amendment was put forth as an olive branch. It will ensure that 10% of the money from the tuition fee increase will cover financial aid for 10% of non-resident students.

Some students predicted the increase will make the population of non-resident students more wealthy and less diverse, as well as make it harder for students who lack immigration status and don’t qualify for in-state tuition. Others noted that foreign currencies have been devalued, doubling the cost of education for international students. Such is the case for Ashraf Beshay, a UCLA student from Egypt who said that an economic collapse in his country had increased the cost of his UC education from US$50,000 to US$120,000.
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