Harassment and bullying common at universities – Report

Intimidation, bullying and “scientific sabotage” are common among staff at Dutch universities and colleges, according to two separate reports, both published on 6 May, reports

The first, by researchers at Radboud University on behalf of the National Network of Women Professors (LNVH), is based on the experiences of 53 women in academic university roles and looks at six types of harassment, ranging from physical and sexual threats to academic sabotage – whereby women were not given due credit for their work.

The second report, by trade unions FNV and VAWO, is based on interviews with 1,110 university staff members, around one third of whom were support staff. That report found bullying, exclusion, sexual intimidation and power abuse are common throughout the country’s 13 universities. Research staff were more likely to face problems than administrative workers.
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