Foreign students complain of higher tuition rise

Foreign students studying at South Korean universities are expressing frustration with institutions charging them unfairly higher tuition fees compared with their domestic counterparts, whose education costs have been frozen, writes Kang Seung-woo for The Korea Times.

While they claim the higher tuition fees do not bring about quality education, local universities are countering their argument, saying the increase in the number of international students results in higher expenditures, so it is reasonable that they should pay more. According to ‘Higher Education in Korea’, the education ministry's website giving information about universities, major universities in Seoul increased international students' tuition fees this year. Kyung Hee University raised fees by 8.8%, and Sungkyunkwan University, Hanyang University and Yonsei University all raised theirs by 5%.

A closer look shows that Kyung Hee increased the tuition fees to expand the number of English-speaking classes and improve welfare facilities for foreigners. Sogang University plans to spend the money to build an education centre for international students.
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