Military study at colleges to be reinforced – Ministry

The Ministry of Education announced recently that China's education and defence authorities had revised a set of guidelines on military courses for university students to improve their knowledge and skills, writes Zhao Lei for China Daily.

It said in a statement on its website that it has worked with the Central Military Commission's national defence mobilisation department to revise the guidelines, and that they have been sent to education departments, universities and military authorities to take effect in August. The new guidelines replace those published in 2006, the statement said.

The new guidelines stress that military courses at universities must be based on President Xi Jinping's thoughts on building a strong military and his instructions on education. It must also include the Communist Party of China's latest military strategies and its national security perspective. They will amplify the importance of military courses in college curricula, and require that the courses with credits be included in the overall educational plans of universities, so that students will give these courses higher priority.
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