Government to tighten rules on Vietnamese student visas

The South Korean government is rolling out new policies that will tighten rules on student visas in response to an increasing number of overstays by international students, particularly those from Vietnam, writes Park Ju-young for The Korea Herald.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of foreign students who overstayed after their visas expired was just 5,879 in 2015, but increased to 13,945 in 2018. Among the 13,945, about 66% were from Vietnam and 13% were from China.

The new policy requires Vietnamese students to deposit at least US$10,000 in a Korean commercial bank with a branch in Vietnam and submit proof to the ministry. The students will have a withdrawal limit of KRW5 million (US$4,400) every six months. For now, the new pilot policy will apply only to Vietnamese students with D-4 visas, and only if they are attending universities the Ministry of Education considers poorly equipped to handle foreign students.
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