PM hopes Japanese universities will open in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed hope that Japanese universities will open branches in Malaysia to enable Malaysian students to not only be exposed to Japan’s education system, but also to learn its culture, reports Bernama.

He said Malaysia had sent many students to Japan and they contributed much to Malaysia, but the rising costs had made it very difficult to send more students. “We thought the best way is to have Japanese universities in Malaysia. We have been striving to get Japanese universities’ branches in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t allow them (for now). As you know, we have Australian and American universities in Malaysia, but no Japanese university,” he said in a commemorative speech after being conferred an honorary doctorate by the University of Tsukuba at its Tokyo campus last week.

“Under the Look East Policy, we sent lots of students to study here, and even to work here in order to learn about Japanese work ethics and the value system. Without a value system, we never make progress even with good education. We have also introduced the Japanese system of education at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,” he said.
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