Commissioner calls for free speech code for universities

Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner says universities should consider a code of conduct that ensures controversial figures can speak more freely on campus, as the Morrison government grows increasingly concerned about campus politics, writes Michael Koziol for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Ed Santow, who is responsible for free speech issues at the Australian Human Rights Commission, said freedom of expression at universities was on the organisation’s radar in the wake of several controversies involving political protests. “Of course we care deeply about freedom of speech on campus,” he told Fairfax Media. “We also want to be supportive where there’s a desire to combat hateful speech.”

Campus politics is under the spotlight as the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation struggles to find a home at an Australian university. And author Bettina Arndt recently met fierce protests before a speech at the University of Sydney from students who disagree with her view there is no ‘rape crisis’ on campuses.
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