Universities advertise ‘women-only’ roles in gender push

A growing number of Australian universities are advertising ‘female-only’ roles in a bid to encourage women to apply for historically male-dominated jobs, writes Alice Murphy for Daily Mail Australia.

The University of Adelaide is the latest educational institution seeking to balance the gender issue, advertising eight senior positions in engineering, IT and mathematical science – just for women. Adelaide’s decision follows the call out from the University of Melbourne earlier this year which sought five women for lucrative titles at associate professor and lecturer level.

In 2015, prestigious Monash University advertised three women-only roles and continued this tack by posting a further two exclusive vacancies this year. According to a recent article from Whimn, the move takes advantage of a legal loophole which allows organisations to exclusively recruit women in order to ensure equal opportunities for all genders and sexual orientations. Technology, engineering and science have long been considered the realms of men, with female professionals significantly outnumbered across these industries.
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