Dutch universities can teach in English, says court

The universities of Maastricht and Twente can offer bachelor degrees in psychology in English, according to a recent court ruling. A case had been brought by the lobby group Beter Onderwijs Nederland, claiming that teaching these degrees in English broke the higher education and research laws. But the court judgement said that this is not the case, reports Dutch News.

The group had also argued that ‘Anglicising’ Dutch education and making English the first language of universities damaged students, and reduced the teaching quality. It claimed Dutch students would then be at a disadvantage as they would be competing with increasing numbers of foreign applications.

But the court said that it was not its place to take a view on the truth of these claims, but only to rule on whether the two universities were complying with the law. Education Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven said last month in a debate over this issue that “there is always space in higher education for every Dutch student”.
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