‘Gendered language’ off limits at universities

In a move towards gender neutrality, some universities in Australia have taken to banning words with gendered meaning such as ‘she’, ‘mankind’ and ‘workmanship’, which are among the terms that have been banned, reports Newshub.

As a result, students are losing marks on assignments if they are seen to be using language that isn't inclusive. Queensland University of Technology has employed the policy, excluding terms such as ‘wife of’ or ‘mother of’ as exclusive words, and has deemed the suffix ‘man’ as sexist. The University of Sydney claims it would prefer its students to just be grammatically incorrect over being politically incorrect.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham openly disagrees with the policies, telling The Daily Mail the universities are enforcing “nanny state stuff” on students. “Our universities should be better than this rubbish,” he said.
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