Network shows how universities can help refugees

A global network of universities is helping to create positive change for the experiences of refugees and migrant families. On 7 June, scholars and students travelled to the United Nations headquarters in New York to share how they are supporting refugees – and how small actions can make a big difference, writes Mark Charlton for Inter Press Service.

Having run support projects for local Leicester refugees in England through community engagement programme #DMUlocal, De Montfort University was asked by the UN to coordinate a global network of universities committed to encouraging a positive attitude on migration, share strategies on supporting refugees on campuses and most importantly – take action.

To launch the work, De Montfort University held a summit at the UN headquarters back in January with over 600 students and representatives from universities around the world. Here, they discussed the small-scale ways students and their universities could begin to support refugees in their own communities. Nine other universities from countries including Germany, China, America and Cyprus made the trip and shared their inspiring stories. The #JoinTogether network has already grown considerably in a short span of time, but there is still much work to be done. Through organised efforts, higher education truly can make a difference to those who most need it.
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